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Our store

In the centre of Ridderkerk is the Versmarkt. Within this Versmarkt there are five shops, where consumers buy all their fresh products under one roof. Van Gelder is one of the shops located in the Versmarkt.

For fifty years, fruit and vegetable shops have been operating under the name "Van Gelder". We therefore have a long relationship with the consumer. Every week our shop is visited by about ten thousand consumers. We combine sharp offers with the passion of a greengrocer.

Full of fresh!

We are full of fresh and we like to show that. That's why we make sure that all products in our store are fresh, healthy and tasty. From exotic fruits to forgotten vegetables and from salads to soups and meals. We all have it. Directly from the country or from the greenhouse, under the motto of: "picked today, tomorrow on the plate". Day in, day out. We think it is important that our customers experience this for themselves. That is why the store focuses on self-service.


With us you can find a wide range of potatoes, fruit and vegetables. But, we have a lot more. Here's what you can contact us for:

  • Fresh ready meals
  • Tasty own sliced fruit salads
  • Fresh raw costs, pan-ready vegetables and salads
  • Remarkable exotic fruits
  • An extensive range of superfoods and organic products

There is a salad and meal bar in the shop, where meals, stews, soups and salads can be assembled and taken away immediately.

Where can you find or reach us?

Contact information

Van Gelder Versmarkt

Jan Steenstraat 11

2981 EG Ridderkerk

T +31 (0)180 33 60 10