Van Gelder - Fresh vegetables & fruit, every day

We, family business Van Gelder groente & fruit, are a typical Dutch, but also very modern fruit and vegetable supplier. We have been delivering fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruit daily for more than 65 years, because we think the catering industry should be able to work with fresh and healthy products every day. To get this done, we control the whole supply chain from source to serving. We connect growers with customers and have the highest turnover rate in the marktet, this way you are always assured of fresh products.

Find out how we do this in just one minute:

Wij staan dichtbij de klant

Van Gelder heeft als doel om dichtbij de klant te staan en te fungeren als partner. Samen bouwen we aan een waardevolle relatie en zetten we AGF op de kaart. Wij bieden ondersteuning met onze kennis van producten en de seizoenen, maar helpen ook mee met het verbeteren van de bedrijfsvoering door het geven van advies om slim in te kopen en inslagpercentages te verbeteren door het gebruik van (meer) groenten en fruit.

Our vision concerning fresh food

In collaboration with certified growers and suppliers around the world, we deliver fresh potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Together we have the task to make sure the big supply of products is healthy, fresh and of good quality. Because of that we challenge ourselves every day. Important to know is that we work with a lot of passion. Furthermore, our vision is based on three thoughts.


Fresh products, directly from the source

We have been doing increasingly more direct business with farmers and growers here and abroad. By having intensive contact with them we can offer even better products and make sure we can deliver them quickly. We can get the most out of our vegetables and fruit by taking the seasons into account.


Crazy about fresh!

Every day we work with the feeling of a grower who wants to see his work grow. With the passion of a greengrocer, who wants the best for his customers. With the belief of a chef, who expects high quality products for his guests. Every day we want to deliver the best fresh products.


Harvested today, served tomorrow

Through direct purchasing, efficient warehouse processes and logistics we make sure the turnover rate is high. Because of this the products go from the land to the customers as fast as possible. This way our products are very fresh. This means that if it is ordered in the evening, it will be delivered the next morning.