Find out who already works with our fresh potatoes, fruit and vegetables and how they experience it.


'If you strive to make the most beautiful dishes, you need the most beautiful products. We find them with our fantastic partners, like Van Gelder. This way we can serve dishes that we are proud of every day."

Julien Zaal - The Avocado Show


"In collaboration with Van Gelder, we find the most beautiful products among the small growers. In addition, they offer online ordering convenience and a good service with clear communication."

Jan van Dobben - Restaurant Amarone*


"Sea Fresh is a producer of unique fish products. Together with Van Gelder, for example, we have developed a delicious casserole of sea bass fillet with lemon and thyme. We are very satisfied with the service."

Albert Ras - Sea Fresh Retail B.V.


"Van Gelder delivers fresh products at the right time and locations, cares much for the products and has short lines to the account manager and customer service. In short, a great partner!"

Marco Bruins - Catering van 't Hooge